The Bronwyn Bishop scandal: A timeline of quotes

“The Speaker had a number of meetings during her visit to Victoria and always seeks to fit in as many meetings and events into her schedule as possible. It is because of her concern for the country, she works as hard as she can and wishes she could do even more.”
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Spokesperson for Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, July 15

“Look, instinctively, it doesn’t [pass the sniff test]…”

“It’s not a good look. I think the Speaker needs to explain the matter.”

Treasurer Joe Hockey, July 16

“When I saw that large amount clearly it was unacceptable and that’s why I have repaid it … I think the biggest apology one can make is to repay the money.”

“The fact of the matter is I was a guest speaker and speaking about the Parliament and how it works … it was done within entitlement but as I said, the amount of money was clearly far too large and that’s why I’m repaying it.”

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, Saturday, July 18

“I can really understand why people are unhappy about this. Frankly, I’m unhappy about it as well.”

“She has been a strong Speaker … she has been a strong servant of our country, she has been a good servant of the Coalition and so she does have my confidence but like everyone who has done something like this, inevitably, for a period of time, they are on probation.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Monday, July 20

“I understand that the Labor Party will seek to use this to destabilise question time, for example, and I’m sure Speaker Bishop will take that into account as she considers her position.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, July 29

“The Speaker is not resigning.”

Spokesperson for Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, July 29

“I want to apologise to the Australian people and say sorry for my error of judgment. You know, that helicopter, yes I was short of time, but it is no excuse…”

“On all these things, although it’s within the rules, it just doesn’t look right and therefore and I’m apologising and I’m repaying the money.”

“I won’t be resigning but I will be working very hard to make sure that I mean my apology to the Australian people and I will be putting in all that hard work.”

“I wish I had [apologised] earlier.”

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, Thursday, July 30

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