Macquarie v Cessnock: Jared Edwards cited for sickening Teason Fa’avae-Eli tackle

Edwards cited for sickening tackle | Videohttps://nnimgt-a.akamaihd杭州夜网/transform/v1/crop/frm/storypad-D8vFkr4DfTRK2kpdPpAQJC/cb928310-4d40-4c04-907e-bc9f23c04437.jpg/r4_0_1199_675_w1200_h678_fmax.jpgVIDEO: CESSNOCK centre Jared Edwards has been cited by the Newcastle Rugby League match review committee after an horrific tackle left Macquarie counterpart Teason Fa’avae-Eli with a torn medial, local-news, Teason Fa’avae-Eli, cessnock, jared edwards, newcastle rugby league, macquarie v cessnock2015-07-29T22:00:00+10:00https://players.brightcove杭州夜网/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=4383495423001https://players.brightcove杭州夜网/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=4383495423001CESSNOCK centre Jared Edwards has been cited by the Newcastle Rugby League match review committee after an horrific tackle left Macquarie counterpart Teason Fa’avae-Eli with a torn medial ligament.

Fa’avae-Eli will miss the rest of the season and the self-employed carpenter is facing more than two months off work due to the injury, which occurred in the 72nd minute of the Macquarie’s 36-16 win over Cessnock on Saturday at Peacock Field.

Footage from BarTV shows Edwards grabbing Fa’avae-Eli’s right leg in a three-man tackle and driving his shoulder into the knee.

‘‘I was on the ground and he’s just grabbed my leg and straightened it out and gone straight into my knee,’’ Fa’avae-Eli said. ‘‘It popped straight away.’’

The incident was not penalised but a match official watched a replay on BarTV’s production monitor after the game, and Edwards was charged on Monday with contrary conduct.

‘‘The match review committee has seen it as a serious enough offence to send it straight to the judiciary,’’ Newcastle Rugby League CEO Matt Harris said.

Jared Edwards has been cited for this incident, inset, that left Teason Fa’avae-Eli injured.

Edwards will front the judiciary next Wednesday.

Cessnock secretary David Cleaves said the club’s executive would review the incident and decide whether to plead guilty or fight the charge.

Fa’avae-Eli and Edwards were teammates last season at South Newcastle.

That battle between the opposing centres on Saturday was convincingly won by Fa’avae-Eli, who scored a try and was voted players’ player.

‘‘We were at each other all game, as footy players do, to get get them off their game,’’ Fa’avae-Eli said.

‘‘He’s just taken it to the next level.

‘‘He couldn’t handle that we were winning and it’s his old team.

‘‘Throughout the whole game he was saying he’s going to get me.

‘‘He did end up getting me at the end, but in an illegal way.’’

Fa’avae-Eli was Macquarie’s major off-season signing and factored heavily in coach Barrie Moore’s plans for the run into the semi-finals.

Moore was reluctant to comment on the incident but said: ‘‘I feel sorry for Teason because he’s gone for an extended period. He’s played all year and with the semis looming he won’t be involved.’’

Cessnock coach Craig Miller was frank in his assessment of the tackle.

‘‘It doesn’t look great,’’ Miller said.

Teason Fa’avae-Eli in action before the incident. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

‘‘I’m not going to walk away from the fact that it was an unsavoury incident.’’

The Newcastle Rugby League changed their rules this season to allow the match review committee to cite from video footage if an incident was missed by on-field officials.

In the past opposing clubs have had to report incidents, which has led to allegations of ‘‘tit-for-tat’’ citings.

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