Help Tegan Martin help Molly-Jane: Support Tegan on Celebrity Apprentice

Molly-Jane Boyson and Tegan MartinSHE is the Newcastle-born model who made her mark on the world stage.

But now Miss Universe 2014 contestant Tegan Martin needs her home town’s help.

Currently shooting 14-hour days for the next instalment of Celebrity Apprentice, Martin, 22, wants to use the show to raise as much money as she can for a charity close to her heart.

Touched by the story of Molly-Jane Boyson, a New-Lambton girl born with a rare genetic disease known as CACT, Martin wanted to help the five-year-old realise her dream.

‘‘I recently attended a benefit night for Molly-Jane,’’ Martin said. ‘‘She is a beautiful little girl, full of energy and her condition breaks my heart. ‘‘It was her dream to go to Disneyland and I am proud to say I was a small part in helping it come true. ‘‘I called on my close friend Miss USA Nia Sanchez and after countless emails and phone calls and with her help I was able to supply the family with tickets to Disneyland.

‘‘It was an amazing feeling to have helped even if only a little.

‘‘But this wasn’t enough. ‘‘This little girl’s story touched me and I wanted to do more.

‘‘Then came Celebrity Apprentice and I have decided to raise money for The Metabolic Clinic at theChildren’s Hospital at Westmead. ‘‘They have kept Molly-Jane alive but are underfunded and in danger of closure.

‘‘I’ll do anything I can for that little fighter.’’

The ultimate goal in Celebrity Apprentice is to raise much-needed funds for deserving charities, with each contestant nominating a cause of their own.

The better they go in the challenges and the more money they raise the more likely they are to remain on the show.

‘‘I’m going to need all the help I can get so I don’t get fired,’’ Martin said.

‘‘I would love some donations and some support from all those Novocastrians and Newcastle businesses out there.’’

Martin said the long days filming for the series, which is expected to air in September, have been demanding, but she is enjoying herself.

‘‘I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard,’’ Martin said.

‘‘It feels like an endurance test, but I am getting there.

‘‘I’m really enjoying the company. ‘‘There are a wide, diverse range of characters. ‘‘I’m the youngest, so I’m trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can. ‘‘I think a lot of people may have underestimated me, but I’m hopefully showing them what I can do.’’

Martin hopes her role on the show will provide a platform to break into more TV work.

If you want to help Tegan raise money for her chosen charity and keep her on the show then you can contact her on Instagram @tegan.martin and send her a direct message. Teganwill contact you with details on how to donate.

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