Go Back To Where You Came From cast shown rape footage in dramatic episode

Jodi, 33, changed her mind about refugees coming by boat after meeting two Rohingya refugees who had witnessed rapes. The young Rohingya refugee who escaped human traffickers just weeks before.

The mother of two previously said Australia was being “invaded” by refugees.

Go Back To Where You Came From cast ‘at risk’ in Syria’The truth hurts, but not as much as we hurt asylum seekers’

Go Back To Where You Came From took a dramatic turn on Wednesday night when the cast of the award-winning SBS program were shown video of a refugee woman being raped.

The documentary series which explores Australia’s asylum seeker debate premiered this week and has already drawn headlines with the controversial views of some of the participants who fear Australia is being “invaded” by refugees.

On Wednesday night’s episode, cast members were taken to Thailand where they learnt about Rohingya refugees who are taken hostage by human traffickers as they make their way over the Malaysian border.

Adelaide woman Jodi, 33, has been vocal on the program about her intolerance toward refugees “invading Australia”.

She broke down after being shown a video of a Rohingya refugee woman being raped by three men.

Jodi, her sister Renee and former refugee Davy were also introduced to two teenage Rohingya refugees who had escaped the human traffickers just weeks before.

The two boys told Jodi, Renee and Davy about the deaths and rapes they had witnessed in the jungle camp, that they were planning funerals for the refugees who had perished, and how they had no family.

“I’m just so upset. I can’t believe that we were listening to a 16-year-old talking about what he’s seen, seeing people raped and killed in front of him,” Jodi said, crying.

“I have two 16-year-olds and it’s just devastating that he’s had to go through that.

“I can’t imagine them having 500 people here in this jungle. I can’t imagine being in that situation, but if I was, I would try to escape. Even if it meant getting on a boat. It’s just digusting.”

Later, the mother of two admitted she had changed her views on refugees, and said she didn’t know why traffickers would do that to other humans.

The other three Go Back To Where You Came From cast members were sent to Syria where they witnessed the large refugee camps in Jordan.

The show’s producers were slammed for placing the cast at “substantial risk” by allowing them to come within 1km of Islamic State insurgents.

“There was substantial risk associated with the deployment,” former Army officer and consultant Justin Bowden told Fairfax.

The final episode in the three-part series airs at 8.30pm on SBS on Thursday night.

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