Forget Sam Wood, The Bachelor’s Heather is Australia’s new sweetheart

Beautiful, funny, genuine and smart – Heather is the total package. Bachelor Sam Wood tells Heather about how awkward he was as a teenager. Earlier in the night she called him “pretty”.

Heather making Sam laugh with her story about being called “lollipop” because of her big head. We love you, Heather.

The Bachelor: Australia’s verdict on Sam WoodThe Bachelor recap: Sam better not mess with Heather

The premiere of Australia’s third season of The Bachelor was ugly.

The two-hour episode seemed like a blur of taffeta, catfighting, fake breasts, botox, gossiping and death stares. But amongst all of the nastiness emerged a beautiful, warm and genuine woman called Heather.

Australians fell in love with the 29-year-old filmmaker, as did new Bachelor Sam Wood, who rewarded Heather with the coveted white rose and told her he felt like he had known her for years.

Telling Wood he was “pretty” and calling him “dude” couldn’t even keep her in the friend zone.

Heather was different from the other girls from the start. In her introductory video, she does yoga on a hilltop, roams the streets without a bra, and wears a 90s chocker necklace with reckless abandon.

During their romantic one-on-one, Heather and Bach spoke about superheros and how Bach was an awkward teenager.

Heather told the dashing fitness instructor that she used to be called “lollipop” because her head was too big for her body.

Twitter lit up as men and women around the country predicted Heather would go all the way, and if Bach didn’t choose her, they’d smite him themselves.

Heather wowed us with how caring and deep she was. We thought she’d friend-zoned herself by calling Bach “dude”, but then she blew us away with her profound insights about love.

Speaking on-camera, the filmmaker said being in the friend zone with Wood was more dangerous than being in the romance zone because the friend zone is about real connection.


Later, when 28-year-old dietician Bec ran into the mansion in tears because the other contestants had ruined her one-on-one with Wood, Heather was on the sidelines asking if she needed anything.

What a woman. She even got new Bachelorette Sam Wood’s seal of approval on Twitter.

As the Bach remarked before handing out the roses and sending two girls packing, it doesn’t matter about the clothes you wear or what your hair looks like, it’s about what’s on the inside.

It’s a relief to know that nice girls don’t always finish last. Heather is my favourite, easy!! #TheBachelorAU— Sam Frost (@Sam_Frost) July 29, 2015Sam doesn’t deserve heather. i do. #bachelorau— Chandana (@banana_havoc) July 29, 2015Somehow #BachelorAU is on the big screen and I have fallen for Heather. Water cooler talk is going to be on point tomorrow yew.— Amy Whitfield (@amyzing) July 29, 2015End the competition. Sam and Heather 4eva #TheBachelorAU— Sam (@Samopust) July 29, 2015Calling it now. Heather is going to win #thebachelor even I like her— Lucy Johnson (@lucymaej_) July 29, 2015Go Heather! Nice girls can win. #TheBachelorAU— Emma O’Sullivan (@emma_os) July 29, 2015There’s something about Heather #BachelorAu— Ricky (@Ricky_Fandrich) July 29, 2015Team Heather so hard #BachelorAU— Ebony Bowden (@ebonybowden) July 29, 2015

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