Channel Ten releases first look at Sam Frost as Australia’s first Bachelorette

Sam Frost, Australia’s first Bachelorette. Over: The Bachelor Blake Garvey and Sam Frost as they appeared in the finale in South Africa. Photo: Supplied

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Australians got their first taste of Sam Frost as the Bachelorette in a glamorous and heavily-edited teaser video which aired during the premiere of The Bachelor on Wednesday night.

Women and men around the country were already in a Bachelor-induced frenzy when dreamy host Osher Günsberg cut to the promo halfway through the show.

For those who didn’t watch the last season of The Bachelor, Sam Frost won the competition and was proposed to by Bachelor Blake Garvey, but was jilted shortly after for runner-up Louise Pillidge.

Frost, 26, has since slimmed down, appeared in a raunchy Maxim spread, and is now back on the market looking for love.

The Bachelorette promo video is a minute-long blur of rose petals and Frost’s legs.  

Set to the tune of Michael Buble’s Feeling Good, Frost is seen applying lipstick, swanning around a mansion and strutting down the street as rose petals fall from the sky.

Naturally, there’s lots of wind and drama involved and there are several moments where her glamorous and revealing red dress threatens to to rise an inch too high.

The video was posted to YouTube but was taken down after a copyright claim from Channel Ten who apparently only had the right to use the Michael Buble song once.

The series is due to air later in the year, with filming already finished.

Frost went missing from social media between May and July and may have already chosen her dream man, but will have to keep mum until The Bachelorette finale goes to air.

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